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Do you do taster sessions?
Yes we do. If you haven’t dived before, ‘Try Dives’ are a valuable way to sample our exciting sport and to gain an insight into the fascinating world beneath the surface. You’ll also have a chance to chat with our friendly members and find our what the club is all about.
If you have dived before, they are equally valuable as a refresher or kit test.

What can I expect from a “Try Dive”?
You’ll be in safe hands guided on a 1-1 basis with our team of nationally qualified Instructors & Assistant Instructors.

On the agreed Friday you’ll be met by your ‘guide’ for the evening. You’ll have a safety briefing, get familiarised with the equipment and be kitted out for your dive.

You’ll spend approx. 50 mins in the pool giving you the opportunity to get used to the alien experience of breathing underwater. Depending on your confidence you could choose to practice a few scuba diving fundamental skills or just revel in being weightless seeing divers go through their paces around you.

Once showered and changed join us for an after-dive hot chocolate or maybe something stonger in the bar.

How much does the taster session cost?
The Try Dive session currently costs £25 per person

What should I need bring to the taster session?
Just a swimming costume, t-shirt, slip-on shoes to walk to the pool and a shower kit/towel.

How much does it cost to join?
As a rough guide…
£65 annual membership payable to the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC)
£30 per month to Basildon Sub Aqua club to include hire of kit, use of pool, & training.
£80 one-off payment of approx. £80 for BSAC training materials.
*Costs may vary depending on what you’d like to achieve. Detail will be explained when we meet up as it’s far easier face to face once we understand what your goals are.

How much does the equipment cost?
Unfortunately not a simple answer! Like asking how much does a car cost? It all depends on what kit you want, whether you buy new or used plus many other factors.

Some members insist on purchasing brand new expensive equipment when others pride themselves on getting high quality second hand kit.

Experienced club members can give invaluable advice. They’ll guide you on essentials and be willing to let you try some of their own equipment to see what’s best for you.

How long does it take to learn?
Once you’re ready for the open water you could potentially qualify with a basic qualification over 2 open water days spent demonstrating your knowledge and practical skills.

You proceed at whatever pace suits you depending on your ability and desire. There are no time limits e.g. you don’t pay for a 1 week course and have to cram it all in.

*Note – Basildon Sub Aqua Club is run by volunteers giving up their time freely so instructor availability may be a factor when planning training days.

Do I need to have a medical?
You complete an annual self-declaration Medical and assuming all answers are ‘No’, there are no further requirements

How many members do you have?
Typically between 20 & 30 active members.

How long has the club been going?
We were first established in 1953 – Circa 70 years so embracing huge changes in that time!

How old do I have to be to join?
Our minimum age is 14. Minors must have a parent or guardian join as a full member too (until they reach 18)

If you’ve got any additional questions or want to talk through any concerns feel free to contact us and one of the helpful team will be happy to help. Just email: Basildon Sub Aqua Club

Visit BSAC.com